Moore Media Analytics (MMA)

MMA is a call analytics groups focused on assisting our clients achieve maximum results from their advertising campaigns. Our live on-line call tracking site provides detailed and completely customizable analytics about every inbound phone call. Whether your campaign includes Television, Internet, Radio, Direct Mail or Print - We can assign a unique, trackable toll free or local number to each individual campaign. Advertising is expensive and we know that every call is important. Let MMA maximize your results by helping you identify which aspects of your advertising campaigns generate results and which do not. With MMA, never miss a call again.

Call Tracking

Go beyond traditional clicks and impressions to get a true picture of your ROI by measuring the calls delivered from your advertising campaigns with Moore Media Analytics. Our call tracking tells you exactly which ads, campaigns and channels are bringing in calls, and which aren't - allowing you to make better media decisions and maximize your media dollars.

Call Auditing

Every call matters! MMA Call Auditing takes your inbound call monitoring to the next level. MMA representatives will personally monitor up to 100% of your inbound calls. We listen for key specifics such as; hold time, call center handling, compliance issues, training needs, best customer service practices and of course the results of the call. Leads, appointments, request for information etc. We also send an email notification for all hang ups, missed, lost and after hours calls to the designated recipient of your choice, so those lost calls can be followed up on in as close to real time as possible, maximizing your return on your advertising investment. We provide weekly reports that summarize the previous week's activity to keep you 100% informed on what is happening on each one of your phone calls. You can feel confident that even when your office is closed or your call center is overwhelmed, that MMA is handling each and every call and making sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

MMA has an unlimited quantity of toll free numbers and local numbers available for all of your advertising needs. MMA call services include call recording and a variety of graphs and performance reports that help you see you advertising from every angle giving you maximum control over how your budget is being spent.

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